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There was a time in my life where I felt lost and was in a bad place. I had just gone through a divorce after a very emotionally abusive marriage and it took its toll on me. I ate my sadness, anger, and loneliness and in turn put on 30 pounds. I didn’t think I had too many friends because during the marriage my ex was isolating me from everyone. Even family.

I was scared and I had no idea who Jen was anymore. Thankfully, my family surrounded me and friends who I had abandoned during the marriage came back to me with arms open! It took me time to figure out what had been going on. It is very true, once you step away from a situation and take off the rose colored glasses, is when you can finally see all that was really happening. Which makes me so very thankful my friends and family showed up for me when it was over and done with!

I was also thankful when a job came along that offered me an amazing opportunity to travel the country and get away from it all. I wasn’t trying to run away, I was trying to figure out who I was and what I needed in life. Now, I will be honest with you, this job scared me. It was a promotional job where I traveled with a few other folks for 6-9 months and spoke to thousands of people… and I worried how I could do this when I was lost, overweight and weak. With advice and encouragement from family and friends, I decided to jump out of the frying pan of fear and into my new life!

Guess what, it was the most wonderful and eye opening thing I could have done for myself. And, I ended up working in the promotional marketing world for a little over 4 years! I even did so well, I was offered the position to manage the whole National promotion the second year into it! I was the first female to ever be given that opportunity and I rocked it! During the off season I even became a spokesperson at cars shows across the country!

During these 4 years, I met some amazing and some of the most interesting people in my life. A lot of them are still friends to this day. They helped me on days when I wasn’t sure of myself. When the dark days of finding my light were hard, they lifted me up to it! And, I knew when I came home, my family and lifelong friends would be there for me too!

So the take away here, and it is a hard one to realize sometimes as it was for me, is when you feel at your lowest know that you are never alone.

People that you don’t think are there, will show up. New friends and supporters can be made from the most unexpected of places. You just need to be willing to GO FOR IT! Ask for help, speak up, take that new job, got to that new meet up, or attend a networking event with a friend! Your life can change in an instant and new doors will open!

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