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I have something to tell you. You might not want to hear this. But, you need to hear it and know it.

You are going to fail.

You Failed!

Whoa whoa, don’t be upset. There can be an upside to this! Failure can lead to unbelievable success, if you allow it to. It can actually be the key to all your success. How? The lessons you take from it, the way you apply those lessons to move forward. If your aren’t willing to fail, you aren’t willing to succeed. And if you take failure and give up, then how will you ever learn and become a better you.

Instead of being embarrassed by failure, look at it as a good thing. Something that stretches you to do better, think harder and more thoroughly. Think of it as a friend who challenges you to be the best you can be.

Next time you fail, because you will, look at it square in the eyes and say ‘thank you for showing me and teaching me how to grow and be a more awesome me!’

Let failure be a friend, not a foe!

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