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I know as a wife and a mom of two little girls, with a full time job and a side hustle I can feel pretty overwhelmed at times! How about you? Don’t lie! We live in such a fast paced nutty non-stop word where time is money, how could you not from time to time?

It is in those moments where we need to figure out how to, for just a moment, slow time down and take it back for ourselves. Now, this is no easy task when there are deadlines, sport to get the kids too, parties to get through, appointments to make, groceries to buy, cleaning to be done… see, my head is spinning just thinking about it!

I just can’t do all this!

How do you handle it! Well, first DON’T FORGET TO BREATH! It is the essence of our being. We do this every second of everyday unconsciously, so when we bring it to the front of our mind and consciously breath, we relax. We are able to focus. Close you eyes and breath. Hear the sounds around you, smell the smells that you bring in with every deep inhalation. Put one hand over your heart to feel it beating and the other hand on your stomach to feel your diaphragm move as you breath in and out. Within a few nice deep breaths you will notice you feel centered, focused and calm. It really is amazing how this can help in just a few short seconds.

While breathing, if you have a few extra moments you are making for yourself, VISUALIZE. See yourself where you are most at peace and happy. Feel the emotions you would feel if you were actually there right now. It will put you in a state of euphoria. When you open your eyes to get back to life, your approach will be different and more calm. You will be a happier, more centered you! You will be able to focus your attention on the moment in time you are in, instead of thinking about all the next things you need to do in the day!

And one last thing. When I am working and feel a bit out of control with all that is on my plate, I put on some nice mediation music. There is so much on the internet all you need to do is find one you like, I tend to like focusing meditation music for work! Seriously, it’s out there!

Most important, don’t forget to value you at all times. If you need a break, be honest to yourself, your coworkers, your spouse, your kids. A simple “I need a few seconds (or minutes) of me time” will do the trick. Then step away and do whatever it is that will get you back to the happy non-overwhelmed beautiful you that you are!

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