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But, I am not the only one! Here is the question, are you a dreamer or a doer? There is a reason I ask you this. First let’s dig into each one.

Dreamer is defined as someone who dreams or dreaming. One who dreams while sleeping. One who has daydreams, when they get so carried away with thoughts they lose minutes to hours of their day.

Doer is a noun. As defined in the dictionary :

  • 1. the person who does something.”the doer of the action”synonyms:performer, perpetrator, executor, accomplisher, effectuator, operator, operative, agent, author
  • 2. a person who acts rather than merely talking or thinking.”I’m a doer, not a moaner” synonyms:worker, organizer, activist, man of action, achiever, high achiever, succeeder, hustler, entrepreneur; informalmover and shaker, busy bee, eager beaver, live wire, go-getter, high-flyer, whiz kid, powerhouse, fireball, human dynamo, wheeler-dealer, success story“Daniel is a thinker more than a doer”

I think this is very funny. Many will say entrepreneurs are dreamers making things happen. I would tell you I am a busy bee who is a go-getter chasing my dreams. See how they coincide, if you allow them too! The definitions make me realize is that if you are a dreamer and have goals you wish to achieve you need to also be a doer!

That’s right you can’t sit on your ass thinking the world will just had you your dream on a silver platter! Sorry my dear, it doesn’t work that way. You have got to get out and make it happen. And when it does, you will feel all the more better for it, because you worked for it and you deserve it!

Look it isn’t going to be easy and there will be days you might want to just give up! But that isn’t a doer and that, I know, isn’t you! Keep going through hell and high water. Look for the light at the end of the tunnel, it is there!

You will be victorious, beautiful dreamer and glorious doer! I know you will be! Just don’t sit on that couch anymore…GET UP AND DO YOUR DREAMS!

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