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I know, I know! It is so damn hard. But, the first thing you need to remember is we all can be plagued with negative thoughts. I have said it before and I will say it again, it is all in how we deal with them.

You have to realize also, that how we deal with them is our own choice. Do we sit and sulk in the negativity or do we do something about it and find some positivity from them? I don’t know about you, I choose the later!

There are a few questions to ask when we are faced with a negative mindset.

  1. How will this situation make me stronger, how can I use it to grow?
  2. What does this situation provide me with that I may not have had previously?
  3. How will this help me to move forward out of my current situation?

If we can ask ourselves these questions along the way, you will be able to use any negative situation, or thought, into a positive learning experience. And from it you will grow and be better than you are right now!

Can you believe how simple this can be if you start using these questions how you will benefit in so many ways? Can you just imagine?

Going from the negativity of fear into the positivity of

Now this will take work and won’t happen overnight for you! It is all about creating a new healthy habit, a new way of thinking. Overtime everything will be viewed as a good and positive experience. And things you can always learn from!

Give it a try and watch yourself become stronger and more positive with a healthy mind and soul!

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