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So you have a goal, something you want to do, accomplish even…but you keep finding excuses as to why you haven’t done it ‘yet’.

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I often hear my clients say, there are so many others out there doing it already. I don’t think I have what it takes. My story won’t matter to people.

WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! On so many levels! OK, so what? Yes, there are others out there doing what you want to do. That didn’t stop the 1000’s of lawyers, therapists, doctors, inventors… It didn’t stop the millions of personal trainers, scientists, web developers, dentists… I think you get my point!

I know EXACTLY what you think, because I had those thoughts (FEARS if we are being honest here, which we are!) And guess what, I decided to just go for it. I put out my first video, wrote my first article, my first blog post. I got my website up and going. And you know what, the universe had my back. I began to have people reaching out to me for coaching, for speaking and for collaborations!

You need to stop holding yourself back. Stop making every excuse in the book. Know that you have something a bit different than the next guy. You have your own unique story to tell and it will impact someone!

Stop living in the fear. It is time to step out of your fear and into your life!

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