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For weeks now I have been talking to you about believing your truth, stepping out of your comfort zone and living your dream. If anyone is proof of it working, that would be this girls right here!

You see, last week I went to my boss to pitch an idea. I believed in it with all of my heart.  I worked hard on my presentation with examples of what I have done in the particular subject which I was presenting. I ended the meeting by saying “you don’t need to give me an answer now but, I do hope you think about it and let me know.” His immediate reply was; “I’m on board!” I couldn’t believe it! I was so happy I wanted to jump out of my seat and hug him. Instead I stayed calm, cool and collected and went to the the ladies room after we met to do my happy dance and honestly I still am dancing!

Because I brought my belief and passion to the table and it shined through me and my words,  he put his belief in me and is taking a chance on me by giving me a new position! I took the time to think about it, I wanted a change, I wanted to do more and I showed how excited about the subject I truly am. And another important thing, was that I was willing to take the initiative to approach him!

So, what can you learn from all I speak about with believing your truth and living it? I do it everyday and the more I believe in myself and take action, the universe opens the doors to unbelievable opportunities and love to surround and help me succeed! YOU CAN DO IT TOO! If you have a dream (I know you do!), set goals, make an action plan and get to it! There is nothing like making it happen today!

Keep believing!

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