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There are so many things in life we need to take care of. Finances, house cleaning, car maintenance, kids, pets. Maybe some of you are watching after a elderly parent. A spouse who is ill. Life can throw things at us in the blink of an eye and as humans we automatically step up to take care of it.

I wanted to remind you that you might be forgetting one essential thing. YOU!

Before you can fully take care of anything else, you must remember to take care of yourself. Go on an early morning walk by yourself , stop at that favorite little coffee spot and have a cuppa Joe, schedule a massage. Take a few minutes each day to finish that book you started, enroll in an evening class to go for that degree you always dreamed of.  Don’t be afraid to say no to someone who wants to you to go out for dinner, admit your taking some you time! Go see a movie or a play by yourself. Get back to doing things you loved to do before you were so busy taking care of everyone and everything else!

Your quality time on yourself makes for a quality you!


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