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Feeling like you are constantly running and are almost out of gas?

Believe me, if anyone knows, it’s me. With a 24 hour job as a mother of two little girls and a full time corporate job it is constant go, go, go in my life. I felt like something was really wrong with me and that caused two things to happen; my stress to go even more off the carts than it was and the Google symptom checker to be running over time on my computer! I am sure you know what happens when you start Googling your symptoms. You suddenly have something chronic and are dying, right! It can be your worst enemy when you are already feeling bad.

I am going to share something personal. To let you know you are not crazy and you are definitely not alone! Like I mentioned, I was extremely stressed and at the end of my rope. Not feeling right, my body was exhausted, my brain was numb and my emotions…well let’s just say I was a hot mess.

I went to the doctor thinking I was suffering from adrenal fatigue or major depression. So, the doctor took copious amounts of blood and said it was probably my thyroid but they were going to run a variety of tests because with all of my symptoms it could have been so many different things. Well, that calmed me down, NOT!

After two weeks, guess what, everything came back normal except only a mildly low vitamin D deficiency. ‘That was it?’, I thought, “no way, absolutely no way!” Not the way I felt. So, I went for a second opinion, bringing all of my results with me along with all my tears. Yes, that is how miserable I felt!  And you know what that doctor had the nerve to tell me?:

“I was an older mom, with two little kids and a full time job. How did I expect to feel?” 

Can you believe she had the nerve to say that? She is lucky I didn’t jump off the table and throat punch her! She followed up with, “my lack of sleep could cause depression” so see wanted me to see a therapist. And being a good patient, I did, maybe talking to a third party could lead me to what was wrong with me…but halfway through our first session, she told me there was nothing wrong with me! “I have my head on straight. I am a very positive lady and know my stuff and I didn’t need her, unless I wanted to go just to talk!” SO NOW WHAT?! I was back to square one, feeling like dog do-do and not having any answers.

I decided to take the next step of seeing a naturopath.  After tests and a 12 page questionnaire, he calmed  I was overridden with Candida, a yeast overgrowth in the body which if left untreated long enough can also cause leaky gut syndrome. I was skeptical to say the least. But, ALL of my symptoms were there in a book that was written twenty years ago! I decided to give it a go. What did I have to lose, I already felt miserable. I went on the supplements he recommended. I also changed my diet drastically with his program, by cutting out refined sugars, starches and processed foods. Within just two weeks my energy was coming back and after one and half months I was like a new woman. My husband couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe it. I was only supposed to be on the diet for 3 months, but I decided to stick with it. Five months in and yes, I do cheat little bit here and there but I pay for it with different reactions so I get back on track right away!

I now drink bone broth every morning, look at what is in the foods we have to select from, eat fresh organic vegetables and a small amount of organic grass feed meat products. I intake a lot of coconut products, drink Pau d’Arco tea, add ginger, garlic and  turmeric to everything. Honestly, I love it! Don’t get me wrong it was extremely hard in the beginning and I suffered from withdraw and cravings, but I fought through it! Since I am eating the way I am supposed to I lost weight too, another added benefit! I read a lot about food and natropathic findings so I can keep learning which has opened up so many new things to me!

I am proud for taking the time for me and changing what I put into my body.  It is true that you are what you eat. It really is amazing! And I am proud for fighting through doctors saying nothing was wrong with me. My lesson: fight for what you know is right and stand up when you know there is something wrong. Don’t be afraid just because someone with a doctorate says your fine. Guess what, you know you best, inside and out! Stand up for yourself! Never be afraid to fight them and get the answers you deserve…you will thank yourself later! And that goes for everything in your life! Fight, don’t give up just because of the nay-sayers. You have the right to speak up and be more knowledgeable in things than others! Don’t be afraid to know and be you! You don’t need my permission, but I give it to you anyway!

Keep believing your truth!



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